Aluminium product range

Dualframe aluminium offers a combination of beauty, slimlines and strength to create a unique solution for your windows and doors. Dualframe's polyamide thermal break technology is compliant with Part L and can result in reduced fuel costs. Dualframe offers the option of dual colours, including gloss, semi gloss and matt finishes and are available in almost any colour including metallic finishes, like your car, but tougher - they are weatherproof, durable and easy to wipe clean.

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Dualframe offers a complete range of windows including traditional hinged casements, vertical sliders that work like sash windows, tilt-turn and reversible windows as well as a choice of entrance, patio, french and bi-fold doors. Frame detail includes chamfered and the very popular 'softline' ovolo feature. Dualframe's window security includes high security friction hinges and espagnolette shootbolt locking, a turn of the handle drives high strength brass alloy bolts into the window frame into die-cast keeps in the outer frame, the mechanism also offers a lockable 'night-vent' position.

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Entrance doors

Have three hook locks and a central latch engaging with stainless steel keeps and a central deadbolt with a 5 pin anti-drill cylinder complying with BS EN 1303, double doors have at least three hook locks as well as a central deadbolt actuated by a 5-pin anti-drill cylinder lock, plus head and floor shoot bolts.

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Patio doors

Feature multipoint locking engaging with stainless steel keeps and a central deadbolt with a 5 pin anti-drill cylinder, anti-lift blocks prevent panels being prised out, whilst overlocking styles on the facing edges of the doors prevent them being prised apart. A lockable vent position which provides full height ventilation to let fresh air in, but preventing children or pets wandering out.

Folding sliding doors or more commonly called bi-fold doors.

Let our folding sliding door transform the way you live your life, relax in a stylish open plan living area or create a beautiful panoramic view from your favourite room. Many configurations are available to you, panels can be stacked inside or outside of the room, to the left, right or split to stack on both sides, and door sets can be manufactured to replace entire walls to maximise your opening space. Internally beaded with a softline detail to all external doors and panels, chamfered and square bead options available. 4 stainless steel wheels ensure smooth and consistent operation. Best of all, a unique and really stylish flush line pop-out handle that allows you maximum door opening. Low threshold options with a 15mm step height (Part M - Building Regulations)

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